Everything About Zero Gravity Massage Chairs You Should Know

Carry home your own spa with the hello there tech Zero Gravity Massage Chair Lite and appreciate the most extreme back rub understanding. With 38 airbags and protected Human 3D Massage engines, it’ll give you a back rub that you would need to never end.

This rich blend of design science and innovation accompanies inbuilt music framework and 50″ virtual film screen to give you the ideal mix of wellness, solace and diversion. Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Lite will take your brain and body into an extreme condition of solace and unwinding.

Worked with front line technology,according to your back rub example and back rub highlights can be physically balanced from about six distinct modes, including tapping, moving, tap-manipulating and plying.

The BestMassage EC-06 is the most well known back rub seat on Amazon. As a result of the quantity of deals and positive criticism and surveys, it made it to our Top 10 List of Best Massage Chairs generally speaking. We’d need to state however that its truly reasonable cost is a HUGE factor to the high number of buys.


The zero gravity massage chair EC-06 is one of the most reasonable zero gravity seats you can discover. It’s likewise got different highlights that you would ordinarily discover in better quality seats like 4 preset auto programs, 4 back rub capacities (moving, plying, hack, and pressure/percussion), heat treatment for the lower back and feet, and a 1 year restricted guarantee on all parts.

The zero gravity highlight combined with the shiatsu knead implies a joyful encounter. As one commentator says, “It feels like heaven.”

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To be completely honest. There have been various grumblings with respect to this seat breaking and having no help for new parts. Averaging out the scores however, this item despite everything gets 9 out of 10. We suggest checking the guarantee and getting an assurance for after-deals support before buy.